Forth, Tasmania

North-West Tasmania. Cool climate, relative freedom from disease and pests, rich agricultural soil, abundant clean water resources. Ideal growing conditions to produce high quality vegetables. In cooler climates, vegetables grow more slowly and experience little or no heat stress. Crops can stay in the ground longer which allows the flavour to fully develop and extends their shelf life.

Our headquarters are located along the rich volcanic coastline of north-west Tasmania in the township of Forth. This is where the journey started over 40 years ago. Since 1981, we have been developing an extensive knowledge of growing, harvesting, grading, washing, cooling, and packing produce at this site. We heavily invest each year into expanding our vegetable growing and packing capacity.

Production in Tasmania occurs all year round, although there is a seasonal peak from January to May. At peak production we generate employment for approximately 300 people. We grow produce on our own farms and source additional produce from a number of valued growers based primarily along the north coast of Tasmania.