Cool Climate Growing

Tasmania is famous for it’s wonderful cool temperate climate.

Similar to English climate changes….

It’s not unusual to experience all four seasons in one day.  That’s what makes Tasmania so good for growing vegetables and fruits. The cooler climate means longer shelf life for much of our produce.

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Vegetables handling and storage.

Harvest Moon grows a large variety of vegetables

in the cool weather climate of Tasmania. Tasmania is famous for it’s weather and our vegetables love it! Let us take you through the proper handling and storage of our vegetables and give you some general information about how we grow a large range.

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Recipes for Every Season


Recipe of the Week


Try our Latest Range of Mixed and Vegetable Recipes

Try our fabulous Vegetable based Recipes for every meal occasion; from Vegetable Curries to hearty soups and Casseroles…every family member will be satisfied.

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