Brown Onions

Harvest Moon has been growing brown onions in Tasmania since 1987. It supplies the domestic and export markets, a true testament to its superior quality.

Tasmanian brown onions feature multiple dry outer skins and firm translucent flesh. They will store for many months in a cool dry place. Harvest Moon brown onions grow over a longer period and cure in field. As a result, they develop full flavour characteristics. Known for its cool climate vegetables, Tasmanian produce has proven extended shelf life. Harvest Moon supplies brown onions year-round to the domestic market. Export of Harvest Moon brown onions takes place from February to September.

Message from the Director

“Onions are such a staple in everyone’s lives that we make it our mission to over deliver on our promise every time. North West Tasmania provides excellent growing conditions. Harvest Moon has superior storage capabilities to maximise our onions’ lifespan.” – Mark Kable

Planting & Growing

Brown onions are direct seeded into the ground. As a result, crops are consistent and productive. Harvest Moon grows many varieties of brown onions, some with exclusivity. Diversity in varieties allows Harvest Moon to meet market expectation throughout the year.

Harvest Moon grows approximately 10,000 tons of brown onions across 150 hectares. A skilled and experienced team of field officers track the crops’ development daily. Strict protocols  are in place to control fertiliser levels, irrigation and pest management.


Brown onions are mechanically undercut (lifted) and windrowed to cure in field. Depending on the variety and time of year, brown onions cure between 14 and 21 days. They are then harvested and taken to the Harvest Moon packing facility in Forth, Tasmania.


Harvest Moon grades brown onions to meet quality standards and size parameters. Packaging is in tune with customer demands. Specialised storage facilities enable longevity in the finished product, ensuring year-round supply.

Harvest Moon brown onions are currently available in various packed sizes. Custom packaging options available on request.


Harvest Moon has a established variable logistics chain. It incorporates road, rail, sea and air transportation. Reliable transport and shipping connections from Tasmania ensure timely and efficient order fulfilment. Within Australia and the world.